The Willits Main Street Corridor Enhancement Plan


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The Draft Willits Main Street Corridor Enhancement Plan is available for public comment. Comments may be submitted by Thursday, November 3, 2016, to the City of Willits Planning Department via email ( or by mailing to Willits Planning Department, 111 E. Commercial Street, Willits, CA 95490.

Click here to download the Draft Willits Main Street Corridor Enhancement Plan.





Willits area residents are invited to experience the Sneak Preview of Main Street on Thursday, May 19th , 2015 from 3:00 – 6:30 p.m. The Sneak Preview of Main Street is a live demonstration project that will temporarily mock up traffic calming and place-making treatments like bulbouts, enhanced crosswalks, bike lanes, landscaping and public art. The events will showcase concepts generated by the community during the April 18-22 Main Street Corridor Planning Fair.

The temporary Sneak Preview will be on display Thursday, May 19 on East Commercial Street between Main and Humboldt Streets from 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm. Design concepts and traffic calming measures will be “tested” by pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Concepts for the 3-mile stretch of the Main Street Corridor will be on display for public comment. East Commercial Street will be used to demonstrate proposed changes to Main Street because it is a City street with the same width as the downtown portion of Main Street.




















With the opening of the Willits bypass slated for Fall 2016, planning for the future of Main Street has never been more important. The Willits Main Street Corridor Planning Fair, held April 18-22, engaged the community, City Council, City staff, and other local agencies in creating designs for the entire three-mile Main Street corridor. Over the course of the week, over 400 people attended public workshops, walking assessments and open houses, and provided input on desired improvements to Main Street.

Click HERE to view the presentation from Friday, April 22 that illustrates preliminary design concepts for Main Street.

Click HERE to view the presentation from Monday, April 18. This presentation covers basic traffic calming, safety, and placemaking concepts.


Which issues are most important to the future of Main Street?

Survey results from the City’s Preliminary Survey of Main Street Issues indicate that there are three issues of primary importance on Main Street: pedestrian and bicycle safety; supporting local businesses on Main Street, and intersection safety. Of 348 survey respondents, over 2/3 of them indicated that these three issues are “very important”. Other issues considered “important” or “moderately important” by the majority of respondents include: landscaping/greening on Main Street, public art, traffic calming, places to sit and gather, off-street parking (parking lots), natural storm-water management, and access to transit/bus stops. Issues of least importance to survey respondents are truck parking, gateway treatments (like the Willits arch); and on-street parking. The survey results are just a starting point for the discussion of Main Street issues; they will be discussed in greater detail during the Main Street Corridor Planning Fair. The Preliminary Survey of Main Street Issues was conducted during the month of February, 2016.


Project Details

The Willits Main Street Corridor Enhancement Plan will develop a vision and plan for the three miles of Main Street located within the City limits.

The Willits bypass is scheduled for opening September 16, 2016. Upon completion, the southern portion of US 101 will become State Route 20, while the northern part will be relinquished to the City. This represents a tremendous opportunity to create a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly Main Street that supports local businesses and incorporates community gathering areas, landscaping, green streets concepts, and other features desired by the community.

The Main Street Planning Fair will be held April 18-22, 2016 to solicit public input and vet concepts with City staff, emergency responders, and Caltrans. The resulting Willits Main Street Corridor Enhancement Plan will illustrate and describe the community’s vision for Main Street. This planning process seeks to have as many of these improvements as possible included in the relinquishment construction project currently scheduled for Fall 2017. The remaining improvements are an important part of the long-term vision for Main Street and will be included in the plan, along with recommendations for phased implementation and identification of potential funding sources.

This project is funded through a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant awarded to the City of Willits.